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At Locala we are serious about reducing the environmental impact of our activities and we continue to work with an external consultancy firm, to assist us in developing our Environmental Management System. With their support we gained an internationally recognised standard called ISO 14001 12 months ago which has allowed us to improve our environmental performance in a systematic and credible way. We are pleased to confirm that our Environmental Management System has been audited and one year on we continue to meet the exacting ISO 14001 standard.

We have also successfully submitted an Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme notification of compliance to the Environment Agency outlining Locala’s energy consumption and efficiency. Where inefficiencies are identified we had to give details of the costs and benefits of implementing work to correct the inefficiencies.

We have produced and implemented an Environmental Policy Statement which states our intentions and outlines the objectives we have adopted in order for us to become a more environmentally responsible organisation. This policy has been endorsed by the Locala Board of Directors and is reviewed annually.