Jess Allen, Community Staff Nurse, recently left Locala to pursue a new experience in a hospital setting. She very quickly realised how much she missed her previous role, and re-joined the Locala team earlier this year.

“I started my Locala career over five years ago now. I joined the team as a Community Staff Nurse and the hours were shorter and more flexible than I was used to in a hospital and it was great getting out and about and seeing lots of different patients with different conditions and health needs.

Last year, I decided it was the right time for a new experience and I took on a role as a Diabetic Specialist Nurse working at St James hospital. I really enjoyed the role, but I quickly realised how much I had loved my previous job and the people I worked with.

Within six months I had decided to come back to Locala. The experience made me realise how much I love it here. The patients are fantastic and they all seemed very happy to have me back. I’ve been back six months now and it’s like I never left!

The best thing about my role is the team I work with – they are epic! The last few weeks have been really busy, but everything gets done and everything is fair. We are very well supported as a team and all work well together.

I like being out and about in the community – seeing different things and different people every single day. The hours are fabulous too, I do four long days and find it really flexible – it doesn’t take over your life and I have a good work/life balance.”